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  • Lindströmin työvaatepalvelun Powerpro-työvaatteet ja asianmukaiset henkilönsuojaimet ovat tärkeässä roolissa sähköalan ammattilaisten työpukeutumisessa.
  • Lindströmin työvaatepalvelun uniQworks on teollisuuden, teollisuuden palveluiden ja kunnossapidon ammattilaisten työvaatemallisto

Workwear is a visible part of the corporate image

We offer the best workwear solution to support your business. Renting, buying and our other diverse services form an entity that works both together and separately. By focusing your workwear provision on one reliable partner, you can concentrate on your core business in peace of mind.

Presentable, appropriate workwear is an essential factor from the perspective of occupational safety and feeling comfortable at work. We offer the correct workwear solutions for companies and organisations of all sizes and for different fields – from health care to maintenance, from the food processing industry to the heavy metal industry. Tested, durable materials and correct workwear correctly cared for ensures the safety of the employee.

Kaiken kokoisille yrityksille ja eri toimialoille

Protecting the employee

Safe and functional workwear protects the employee against the hazards of work. Standards of different fields have been observed in the design of our workwear.

Protecting the work

In the food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and the health care field in particular, hygienic workwear and the protection of the work to be done are vital.

Recognisability of the employee

Workwear also communicates about the profession and helps to identify the employee.


Miksi Lindströmin työvaatteet?


Clean and maintained workwear always available

We deliver on a weekly basis clean and maintained workwear for your employees in their own locker. The volume of workwear is dimensioned to your needs so there is no shortage.


Clear savings

You do not need to tie up the capital of the company and personnel resources in workwear acquisition, maintenance and storage.



Unified and recognisable corporate clothing

Unified workwear gives a convincing first impression, improves the recognisability of your employees and increases the professional pride of your personnel. In addition, workwear that matches the corporate image supports the overall brand, creates an image of your company and increases the comfort of your employees at work.



Safely at work

We monitor the legislation, standards and new operating models of different fields and also invest in the design of workwear in this regard so that you can feel reassured.

This is how our workwear services work

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Group site (English) translation unavailable for lindstrom_workwear_service_video.
Lindström workwear services for companies

We will plan together with you a collection specifically for your company and workwear fitted to each employee.

We will acquire the workwear, wash and maintain it, repair and renew it when necessary and store it on your behalf.

We will deliver clean and maintained clothing on a weekly basis to each employee’s own locker or a predetermined place.

Select the best collection solution for your company

Lindström vaihtomattopalvelusta saat vuokramatot, designmatot, mainosmatot, juhlamatot, seisontamatot, ergonomiamatot, kuramatot

Standard collection

Our ready-made collections that are being constantly renewed are especially wide-ranging.

UniQ collection

With the help of our modified collections, strengthening the corporate image is both easy and cost-efficient.

Customised collection

From brand interpretations to company-specific collections.

Explore our customers


A security guard often works in public. The workwear of a guard must be both functional and recognisable. Many things can happen in the line of work a guard does so the clothing materials have been selected to withstand washing at a high temperature. The workwear of Turvatiimi also has excellent breathing properties because the temperature of the work environment may vary. The collection of Turvatiimi has also been designed to be durable.

Explore the outfit the Turvatiimi personnel wear in daily work.

Mondelez International

“Before, we had to often queue for clean workwear for a long time and the size was not always necessarily the right one. Now, our workwear waits for us in our own locker and, at the end of the shift, it is very convenient to put in the laundry box.”

Mohit Gupta,
Monedelez International

Lindström teollisuuspyyhepalvelut tarjoaa Vippereitä ja imeytysmattoja teollisuusden ja kunnossapidon teollisen lian ja öljyjen pyyhintään ja imeytykseen


Raskone has focused all its textile acquisitions on Lindström whose solutions help it make workshops operate ecologically in clothing, mat and towel maintenance.

Explore how the collaboration between Lindström and Raskone works and what kind of service package the Raskone locations have.

Stockmann Herkku

“The development work of workwear is on-going; Stockmann and Lindström have organised surveys in co-operation and the results are used to make changes to the models, materials and operating methods. Lindström is also investing in the development of cost-efficiency. Regularly held chain-level control groups develop operations and make them more efficient."

Taina Vepsäläinen, Chief of Cleaning Services,
Stockmann, Department Store Group


Alepa is a visible part of the Helsinki cityscape, and the commission for new clothing reflected the current trends of corporate clothing design. In addition, Alepa had a strong will to improve the occupational well-being and motivation of the personnel with the help of the new clothing. “Our personnel are very excited and have immediately taken the clothing to their hearts. The new clothing is perky in the Alepa way, comfortable and good-looking.”

Mari Vähävirta, Shop Manager
Alepa Kisahalli