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  • Lindström Teollisuuspyyhepalvelun Vipperit ja imeytysmatot ovat erinomaisia monenlaisissa teollisuuden lian, öljyjen ja roiskeiden pyyhinnässä ja imeytyksessä

The Vipperi® shop towels and cotton absorption mats are the most environmentally-friendly solution for wiping and absorbing industrial dirt. We adhere to strict safety and environmental instructions in the handling and transport of Vipperi® shop towels and absorption mats. Our service system has been certified with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Vipperi® shop towels

The environmentally-friendly Vipperi® shop towels for demanding professional use are suited to the needs of industry, printers, vehicle and service stations, maintenance and the metal industry.

The towels are made of soft and absorbent cotton. They are comfortable to use and efficiently absorb even difficult dirt, such as oil, grease, solvents and ink.

In terms of absorbency, the Vipperi® towel corresponds to up to 6 disposable towels, and lasts approximately 20 washes.

Sales products

When a disposable wiping solution is needed, products made of cotton and needing maintenance are not the right choice. For such needs, we offer an extensive range of different disposable wiping products.

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Lindström teollisuuspyyhepalvelun pyyhintärasu lian, öljyjen ja muiden nesteiden pyyhintään

Recycled sheet

A recycled sheet is a towel cut from a sheet that is suited to diverse wiping. The towels are made of blended fabric and sized approximately 60 x 60 cm. The towels are packed in bales. The sales batch is one bale (10 kg).

Lindström Teollisuuspyyhepalvelun kierrätysfrotee on edullinen ja ekologinen pyyhintärasu teollisen lian, rasvan ja öljyjen imeytykseen ja pyyhintään

Recycled terry

Recycled terry is a towel cut from disposal terry that is very well suited to diverse wiping due to its absorbency. The towels are made of cotton and have been cut so that there are no small pieces in the mix. The sales batch is one package (5 kg).

Lindström teollisuuspyyhepalvelun kertakäyttöinen imeytyspuomi öljyn ja nesteiden imeytykseen ja leviämisen estämiseen

Absorption boom

The boom is made of recycled materials and is suited to protecting objects against running liquids. Suited to locations where the recyclable absorption mat cannot be utilised. There is a steel wire inside the boom that helps it keep the desired shape. The length is approx. 2.5 m and thickness approx. 10 cm. The absorption capacity is up to 7 l/boom. The sales batch is five booms.