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  • Lindströmin teollisuuspyyhepalvelun tuotteista löytyy huollettavat Vipperit ja imeytysmatot sekä kertakäyttöisen pyyhintärasut ja imeytyspuomit
  • Lindström Teollisuuspyyhepalvelun vipperit sopivaat myös autokorjaamojen lian, rasvan, öljyn ja muiden nesteiden pyyhintään
  • Lindström teollisuuspyyhepalvelun Vipperit graafisen teollisuuden painovärien pyyhintään

Our shop towel services provide products and services for the handling of industrial dirt and hazardous waste. We pick up dirty Vipperi® shop towels and absorption mats for the laundry and deliver clean replacements. This way, you always have the right products for dirt wiping readily and quickly available. The towels and absorption products in our distribution and collection containers included in the cost-efficient rental service are always easily available. We make sure that any hazardous waste that comes loose during laundry is treated according to regulations.

Clear savings while meeting environmental requirements

Lindström Teollisuuspyyhepalveluun kuuluu tarpeen kartoitus, Vippereiden ja imeytysmattojen määrän määrittely, puhtaiden tuotteiden toimitus viikoittain ja käytettyjen tuotteiden nouto pesuun

We dispose of hazardous waste appropriately on your behalf

Industrial dirt is most often oil and similar dirt classified as hazardous waste. The treatment and disposal of such dirt is regulated by law. We adhere to strict safety and environmental instructions in the handling and transport of Vipperi shop towels and absorption mats. We will provide you with a waste report on the disposed waste if you so wish. Utilise the environmental benefit introduced by recycling also in this regard!

Lindström Teollisuuspyyhepalvelun vipperit sopivaat myös autokorjaamojen lian, rasvan, öljyn ja muiden nesteiden pyyhintään

Clear savings in dirt handling

Our flexible service model ensures the cost-efficient wiping of industrial dirt. By using a recyclable wiping product, waste volumes decrease and the disposal costs of such waste are no longer your concern. We make the investment in wiping towels and you have clean wiping products readily available when accidents happen. Make full use of the cost benefit right away!

Solutions for all kinds of wiping and absorption

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Shop Towel Services for all

Based on a jointly performed needs assessment, we will plan together with you the selection of Vipperi® shop towels and absorption mats best suited to your company. At the service launch, we will deliver safe and high-quality delivery and collection containers for the products to your facilities. You then get to enjoy the benefits of our service.

For companies of all sizes and different fields

Lindström Teollisuuspyyhepalvelun Vipperit ja imeytysmatot ovat erinomaisia monenlaisissa teollisuuden lian, öljyjen ja roiskeiden pyyhinnässä ja imeytyksessä

Garages and service stations

In repair operations, the high-quality and absorbent Vipperi® shop towels are indispensable dirt collectors. The astonishingly absorbent absorption mat made of cotton, on the other hand, serves as a diverse work platform in anticipating accidents, thus, ensuring cost-efficiency.

Lindström Teollisuuspyyhepalvelun Vipperit ja imeytysmatot toimivat erinomaisena työskentelyalustana suojaamassa työpistettä

Industry, workshops and maintenance

The excellent absorbency of the Vipperi towels, which is up to 6 times better than that of disposable towels, does the towels justice in all maintenance, industrial and workshop activities. The absorption mats placed underneath receptacles and maintenance items protect work facilities against leaking and spilled liquids. The diverse absorption mats can also be used as a working platform.

Lindström teollisuuspyyhepalvelun Vipperit graafisen teollisuuden painovärien pyyhintään

Graphic industry

For the ink wiping needs of the graphic industry, we offer the Vipperi® shop towel especially designed for the needs of the printing industry and not used in any other industry. The highly absorbent Vipperi towels made of 100% cotton wipe ink efficiently.

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