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Flexible, competent and reliable – what else can you wish for in a partner in personal protection? Lindström’s Personal Protective Equipment Services offer you their wide-ranging expertise and reliable products in order to reach a common goal – zero accidents.

Our extensive expertise is always available to support the occupational safety of our customers. Occupational accidents and diseases have a direct and indirect impact on the costs and productivity of companies and the well-being of employees. It pays off to invest in improving occupational safety.

We do long-term work with our customers to improve occupational safety. We offer professional service and an extensive selection of personal protective equipment that meets the requirements and helps ensure occupational safety.

Flexible service models and comprehensive expertise bring a multitude of benefits

Joustavat palvelumallit ja laaja asiantuntemus tuovat edut käyttöösi

Lindströmin henkilönsuojainkaappin suojaininfot auttavat työntekijää valitsemaan oikean henkilönsuojaimen

Always available

Restocking the PPE lockers according to consumption ensures that your employees always have the needed personal protective equipment available. Only correct personal protective equipment correctly used can prevent occupational accidents.

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Lindström henkilönsuojainpalveluiden palveluun kuuluu suojainkartoitus, tarvittaessa myös riskien arviointi ja työturvallisuusvaarojen kartoitus

Clear savings

Our locker restocking services ensure that no more capital is tied up in the acquisition and storage of personal protective equipment than the actual consumption. You do not need to acquire personal protective equipment separately when it is restocked automatically according to consumption. You do not need to concern yourself with monitoring order volumes and schedules either, so your personnel can focus on more essential duties.

Lindströmin informatiivisia henkilönsuojainkaappeja on 5- ja 10-lokeroisina

Easy to modify

Our service models are flexible according to your needs. As production volumes or work tasks change, the order volumes of the products also change accordingly. Not all personal protective equipment is needed regularly. You can easily order such products from our customer service when necessary.

This is how our services work

We plan with you the personal protective equipment selection best suited to your company’s work tasks and deliver the equipment according to your needs to the PPE lockers that we bring to your facilities.

The PPE lockers have clearly marked compartments for the different products; gloves are even found in different compartments according to their size.

In addition, they offer users a clear description of the protective features and purpose of use of the product in the compartment in question. Based on the information, employees can easily find the correct personal protective equipment.

Once the service has been launched, our service representative will check and restock the PPE locker at agreed intervals.


For companies of all sizes and different fields

Lindström Henkilönsuojainpalveluiden henkilönsuojainkaappi täydennetään viikoittain

Easy cabinet restocking service

The Easy service makes the management of personal protective equipment selection and availability truly easy for our customers. At the service launch, we bring informative PPE lockers to your facilities with the range of personal protective equipment that we agreed on based on the personal protective equipment review.

Following the launch, our service representative will visit you on a weekly basis to check the product volumes of your PPE lockers, make an order for any products under the set limit and restock the products to the locker on the following visit. The management of volumes cannot get any easier than this.

Cost-efficiency improves when no valuable work time is spent on getting personal protective equipment and looking for it. You also do not have to invest any more in the acquisition of the such equipment than you actually use.

eLindström verkkopalvelusta henkilönsuojainten hankkiminen on helppoa

Standard order service

When the need for personal protective equipment is irregular, regular equipment deliveries are not the best solution. The most sensible solution is to order such equipment case-specifically when the need arises.

The Standard service can be combined with the Easy locker restocking service in terms of the products that do not have regular, weekly consumption. For example, ordering safety shoes and fall arrest equipment is easy via the online service or from our customer service.

We offer you an easy-to-use online service for the placement of orders, where you can place equipment orders according to your own schedule from your own selection or from our whole product range. The eLindström online service is available to you 24/7.


Lindströmin henkilönsuojainpalvelu tuo henkilönsuojaimet työpaikalle saakka

Additional services

Our personal protection experts will perform hazard review and risk assessments when needed. The risk assessment is prescribed by law and it must be updated from time to time. Hazard review is a lighter version of the previous service regarding occupational hazards. The personal protective equipment review is always included in the service agreement.

Our service selection also includes maintenance and inspection services for PPE products.

Ask about our occupational safety trainings!

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