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  • Lindströmin mattopalvelun ekonailonmatto on ympäristöystävällinen valinta
  • Lindströmin mattopalvelun ruskea vakiomatto sopii monenlaiseen sisustukseen
  • Lindströmin mattopalvelun  ekonailonmatto on valmistettukierrätysnukasta
  • Lindströmin mattopalvelun punainen designmatto sisääntulossa on tyylikas ja juhlava

Lindström’s standard mat collection comprises rental mats with nylon, cotton and micro cotton piles and rubber backs.

Do you need a mat to help ensure the cleanliness of your company’s premises and the property? Our rental standard mats have a significant impact on the maintenance of the properties’ cleanliness, and as a consequence, also on the cleaning costs. Our collection provides suitable mat options for different floor and entrance sites.  Nylon mats are ideal for sites where dirt and grit get carried in from the outside, such as halls and lobbies. Our rental mat collection also includes the environmentally-friendly Eco nylon mat, with pile made of 100% recycled material. 

Thanks to their excellent absorbency, cotton and micro cotton mats are ideal for places with a lot of water and mud. The industrial mat is an easy choice where the risk of the floor getting dirty is extremely high.

Explore our rental standard mats and order suitable standard mats for your company!

Nylon mat

Nylon mats are suitable for premises where sand and loose dirt is carried easily, such as the entrance halls and lobby areas. Our range also includes eco-friendly Econylon mats.

Nylon mats make maintaining the cleanliness of premises very easy. Dirt, sand and mud remain tightly in the pile of the mat. Twisted nylon pile binds loose dirt and dust in the root of the pile and thus keeps a clean appearance for a long time while you keep the premises clean.

From our Lindström rental mat range, you can select a nylon mat in six different colors and in  several different sizes.

Econylon mat

Econylon mat is the ecological choice for everyone who wants to stop dirt from entering office spaces, entrances and stairways.  The pile of the mat is ECONYL® fibre, made of recycled material. By selecting it you can contribute to making our environment cleaner and more viable.

For the making of ECONYL® fibres, materials such as abandoned fishing nets, mat pile and old textiles are collected from around the world.

The collected recycled material is made into high-quality raw material, used for manufacturing the piles of Lindström’s Econylon mat, for example. Econylon mat is available in blue.

Lindström, standard mat, cotton mat, mat service, rental mats

Cotton mat

Thanks to its excellent absorbency, the cotton mat is especially suited to stopping mud and water at the entrance. The cotton mat is bluish grey and available in three different size.

Lindström, standard mat, micro cotton mat, mat service, rental mats

Micro cotton mat

The micro cotton mat combines the excellent moisture absorbency of a cotton mat and the elegant appearance of blended material. The pile material is 50 per cent cotton and 50 per cent polyester and polyester microfibers.  The best results are obtained by combining the micro cotton mat with an entrance mat to stop moist dirt from entering the premises.  The micro cotton mat is available in grey.

Lindström, standard mat, cotton mat, mat service, rental mats, industrial mat

Industrial mat

Do you need a mat for an especially dirty site? The industrial mat is suited to sites where the risk of getting dirty is high and where a notable amount of dirt gets carried in the premises. These include renovation sites and industrial production premises.

The nylon-piled industrial mats are well suited to sites with dry dirt and dust, whereas the cotton-piled industrial mats are suited to premises where the dirt contains water or oil, due to the excellent absorbency of the fibre. The industrial mats are available in sizes and colours defined in the Standard Mat selection.

 See the Standard Mat selection size and colour chart below.

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