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  • Lindströmin mattopalvelun puolipyöreällä designmatolla saat erityisen ilmeen

We offer as a rental mat service an easy and affordable solution that keeps the look of your company in tip-top shape every single day. Our selection covers doormats, ergonomic mats, corridor mats, traditional mud mats and stylish solutions that suit your corporate image. The comprehensive overall service saves your time.

For companies of all sizes and different fields

The clientele of Lindström’s Mat Services is diverse and wide-ranging. Our solutions fit all fields due to their diversity.

Lindström mattopalvelun designmatot, kuosia Alva blue

For presentable facilities

Our mat solutions ensure the attractive look and cleanliness of your lobby in the long term and help you to build your brand.

For building management companies

Our four-step solutions enable considerable savings in cleaning costs and create comfort.

For standing work

We offer ergonomic mats suited to different purposes of use, for example, behind a service counter or at workstations in offices and the industry.

This is how our service works

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Lindström mat services offers solutions for all companies

Needs assessment and design

We ensure the selection of a suitable mat solution for your facilities by assessing your needs very carefully. In the same connection, we design together with you the look of the mats and their compatibility with the rest of the interior design.

Rental and sales

Our rental mat services are based on renting where the customer’s capital is not tied to the mats. In addition, we offer customised sales products, such as the Promo Design mats that are not suited to our rental mat services.


We acquire our high-quality products from carefully selected suppliers with competitive prices. We require our suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Laundry and maintenance

Industrial laundry cleans the mats efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner. Laundry water recycling generates significant savings in water and energy consumption. We maintain the mats appropriately and carefully in order to ensure their long service life.

Quality control and maintenance

We make sure that our mats meet the quality criteria of our customers. After careful washing, the mats are inspected before packaging.


Our distribution works efficiently and swiftly. Our service representative will ensure the correct placement of the mats at the site.


When a mat nears the end of its service life, we will replace it.


Both the design and standard mats are stored in our service centres. After washing, the mats are quickly returned to service.

Removal from service and reutilisation

Worn rental mats are further utilised as long as possible, for example, in industrial facilities. Worn-out mats are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Solutions for many needs

Lindström mattopalvelun designmatto voidaan suunnitella asiakkaan yritysilmeen mukaiseksi


With the help of our rental mat services, your facilities stay constantly clean and presentable.

Correctly dimensioned and built rental mat services reduce the time needed to clean the facilities. The image of your company grows stronger when the facilities are presentable and clean.

Lindström mattopalvelun designmatto Horizon blue lattialla

Interior design

Diverse design mats serve as interior design elements with only your imagination setting the limits. Create a unique solution with our help or select from the ready-made collection. You can explore the patterns of the Lindström collection and the patterns of the popular collection by Finnish Designer Jukka Rintala here.

Lindström design mats with your own desing start with your corporate image. You will get the exact colours, patterns or even messages that you want in your mats. We will help you select the right colours and finish the design. The result will be a unique mat solution that truly suits your company. Lindström quality withstands the test of time and use.

Create your own design with our Design mat tool

You can find ready-made options in several different sizes from the collections by Lindström and Jukka Rintala to decorate the facilities of your company.

With the help of the Promo Design mat that can be up to 20 m long, you create a distinguished look to any room.

Lindström mattopalvelun työtilamatto, seisontamatto, ergonomiamatto


Since mats are efficient in stopping dirt and moisture, they are a significant safety factor. Ergonomic mats increase occupational well-being in standing work.

Stopping dirt and moisture starts with an entrance mat that stops even the heaviest of dirt. Correct mats in correct places prevent slips. Our new products, Ergonomic mats and Super Ergonomic mats, are suited to all kinds of standing work from welding to offices, since they lighten the load on the employees and promote occupational well-being.

Lindström mainosmattoon saat vaihdettua helpostii mainostekstin

Marketing communications

An advertisement mat offers a new advertisement spot for your operations. Our design mats can also be utilised especially in long-term marketing communications.

The advertisement mat is a rental mat fitted with a window that intensifies advertising and is proven to increases sales. You can easily replace advertisement printouts in the advertising window. Floor advertisement is one of the most effective surfaces for communications. When stepping into a new space, your gaze is naturally directed to the floor. Attention value is easy to achieve, and the people visiting the premises notice the message.

Explore our customers:


Individual design mats designed jointly by Interior Designer Helena Karihtala and Lindström were selected for low-rise housing blocks Saalinki and Nautilus of As Oy Sipoonranta in order to highlight the desired look of the stair halls. The correct technical placement was carefully considered to stop dirt. “The mat service is effortless. The mats have worked well both technically and aesthetically in the facilities.”

Joel Karvinen, Property Manager
Taloyhtiöpalvelut – Onnistutaan Ky


Alepa is a visible part of the Helsinki cityscape, and the commission for new clothing reflected the current trends of corporate clothing design. In addition, Alepa had a strong will to improve the occupational well-being and motivation of the personnel with the help of the new clothing. “Our personnel are very excited and have immediately taken the clothing to their hearts. The new clothing is perky in the Alepa way, comfortable and good-looking.”

Mari Vähävirta, Shop Manager
Alepa Kisahalli 

Stockmann Herkku

“The development work of workwear is on-going; Stockmann and Lindström have organised surveys in co-operation and the results are used to make changes to the models, materials and operating methods. Lindström is also investing in the development of cost-efficiency. Regularly held chain-level control groups develop operations and make them more efficient."

Taina Vepsäläinen, Chief of Cleaning Services,
Stockmann, Department Store Group


Veho Group Oy Ab and Lindström have collaborated for decades. The partnership covers almost all Group operations in Finland, and Veho has utilised extensively almost all services Lindström has to offer. Veho’s workwear must respond to the many special challenges of the automotive industry. A unified, tidy and functional work outfit is an essential part of what customers of the service and sales department experience when visiting the Veho showrooms.

Explore the extensive and continuous overall service that Veho uses!