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Lindström’s hygiene service is an effortless and affordable solution to keeping clean companies’ sanitary and social facilities. We make sure that you have the right hygiene solutions, functional products and competence to use them. Our cost-efficient rental service does not require any major investments and is environmentally friendly, while keeping the facilities clean and attractive.

Our extensive product range includes all products needed in sanitary facilities, such as cotton towel dispensers, paper dispensers, soap dispensers, air fresheners and hygiene boxes. Besides dispensers, our product range includes a wide range of utilities, such as papers and soaps.

Eri kokoisille yrityksille monenlaisiin tarpeisiin

wc-tilat kuntoon laadukkaalla ja ympäristöystävällisellä käsipyyheannostelijalla

Popular standard products

The standard products of the Basic and Paradise collections are familiar in many sanitary facilities.

wc-tiloihin käsipyyheannostelija myös omalla designkuosilla!Käsipyyheannostelija omalla logolla, kuvalla, värityksellä tai kuviolla

Style with your own design

The dispensers can be coated with a colour or pattern of your choosing.


Improve customer experience

Smart Washroom service helps you to improve your customers' experience and optimize cleaning costs.

Why choose Lindström’s Hygiene Services?


Hygiene and attractive sanitary facilities

Lindström’s hand towel roll system is a proven hygiene solution that adds to the comfort of your facilities. Hygienic and high-quality sanitary facilities show that you respect both your personnel and customers.


Litter-free option

We offer you a litter-free option. Our cloth towel rolls ensure at least 11,000 pairs of dry hands during their service life. An equal number of hand-dries with paper would produce 35–72 kg of paper waste.


Easy and cost-efficient overall service

Our cost-efficient service does not require any major investments and is easy to use and flexible. The extensive product range includes all products needed in sanitary facilities from dispensers to soaps.


Ecological choice

Responsibility and liability for the environment cover both our hygiene products and the related services. Our whole towel roll system has the Nordic Ecolabel that covers the whole service process, not just the product.

This is how our services work

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Lindström hygiene products

Ready in one go – without investments

We get your sanitary facilities into tip-top shape in no time and affordably. Our service covers the needs assessment, acquisition and delivery, laundry and maintenance as well as the disposal of the products and recycling. You also have our service channel eLindström available to you 24/7.

Explore our customers

Lindström teollisuuspyyhepalvelut tarjoaa Vippereitä ja imeytysmattoja teollisuusden ja kunnossapidon teollisen lian ja öljyjen pyyhintään ja imeytykseen


Raskone has focused all its textile acquisitions on Lindström whose solutions help it make workshops operate ecologically in clothing, mat and towel maintenance.

Explore how the collaboration between Lindström and Raskone works and what kind of service package the Raskone locations have.


Alepa is a visible part of the Helsinki cityscape, and the commission for new clothing reflected the current trends of corporate clothing design. In addition, Alepa had a strong will to improve the occupational well-being and motivation of the personnel with the help of the new clothing. “Our personnel are very excited and have immediately taken the clothing to their hearts. The new clothing is perky in the Alepa way, comfortable and good-looking.”

Mari Vähävirta, Shop Manager
Alepa Kisahalli 


Veho Group Oy Ab and Lindström have collaborated for decades. The partnership covers almost all Group operations in Finland, and Veho has utilised extensively almost all services Lindström has to offer. Veho’s workwear must respond to the many special challenges of the automotive industry. A unified, tidy and functional work outfit is an essential part of what customers of the service and sales department experience when visiting the Veho showrooms.

Explore the extensive and continuous overall service that Veho uses!