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  • Lindströmin vaihtomatot ja ravintolatekstiilit sekä työvaatteet

Lindström offers interior, workwear and personal protective equipment solutions, improving both the customer’s occupational safety and corporate image.Our service covers clothing, change mats, personal protective equipment, hygiene, restaurant textile and industrial wipes.

Our experienced sales and design teams will help you find solutions tailored to your company’s needs, ranging from suitable colours to the right materials, products and services. We subsequently ensure an ongoing service.

Our flexible service models enable the right scale of services for both smaller and more extensive needs. We can supply a single dirt trapper mat for your entrance or enhance your corporate image by using our entire service selection. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Lindströmin työvaatepalvelusta hoitajan työasut ja ammattivaatteet hoiva- ja terveydenshoidon aloille

Workwear Service

Personal Protective Equipement Service 

Mat Services


wc-tiloihin käsipyyheannostelija myös omalla designkuosilla!Käsipyyheannostelija omalla logolla, kuvalla, värityksellä tai kuviolla

Hygiene Services

Restaurant Textile Services

Hotel Textiles - Comforta

Lindström Teollisuuspyyhepalvelun Vipperit sopivat myös tarkkaan lian ja rasvan pyyhintään huollossa

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