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In commerce, clean workwear supporting the corporate image and the cleanliness of the facilities have a fundamental impact on the customer experience and quality image. With the help of our extensive overall service, you will improve your business operations, increase customer satisfaction and generate more sales.

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Workwear and personal protective equipment delivered directly to lockers

  • Employees do not need to spend any time on textile maintenance or acquisition of personal protective equipment. Workwear and personal protective equipment are delivered directly to lockers to ensure the smooth progression of work.

  • The employer does not need to tie up capital in storage or resource personnel for the acquisition or management of textiles and personal protective equipment. In addition, the work of supervisors becomes easier when there are clear rules in place.

 Improved occupational safety, reduced sick leave

  • Appropriate personal protective and hygiene equipment reduce the spread of infections.

  • The ergonomic mats and good work shoes reduce the strain of standing work. The correct use of mats also reduces the risk of slips.

Everything you need easily from one supplier – workwear, personal protective equipment, mats and hygiene products

  • All hygiene products for the different shop points are delivered flexibly according to consumption.

  • The change interval of mats can be adapted, for example, according to seasons.

  • Workwear and personal protective equipment flexibly according to need.
Lindström käsipyyheannostelija on oiva mainospaikka saniteetti- tai wc-tiloissa

Increased sales

The advertising mats and advertisement covers of the hygiene equipment offer an excellent advertisement spot.

  • Great point-of-purchase (POP) visibility helps to increase sales

  • The advertisement covers of hygiene equipment offer easily measurable communications

  • Floor advertising has proven media coverage value – design mats help you guide and communicate and the advertisement mat is suited to changing and fast-paced advertisements.

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Customer satisfaction

Clean facilities, improved customer satisfaction

    • Mats stop virtually all dirt from entering the premises and prevent, for example, the breaking of bottles dropped at bottle banks.

    • The hand towel roll system offers a litter-free option to different shop points.

Greetings and clear guidance have an impact on the customer experience

  • You can welcome people and thank them for their visit with the help of mats

  • Mats can also be used to guide customers to different points

A high-quality shop image strengthens customer loyalty

  • A strong corporate image creates a professional image – personnel workwear, mats and hygiene equipment all convey the same corporate image.

  • Taking charge of hygiene communicates high-quality products – clean workwear, the appropriate personal protective equipment as well as handbasins offered by the shop for both customers and personnel.

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Stockmann Herkku

“The development work of workwear is on-going; Stockmann and Lindström have organised surveys in co-operation and the results are used to make changes to the models, materials and operating methods. Lindström is also investing in the development of cost-efficiency. Regularly held chain-level control groups develop operations and make them more efficient."

Taina Vepsäläinen, Chief of Cleaning Services,
Stockmann, Department Store Group


Alepa is a visible part of the Helsinki cityscape, and the commission for new clothing reflected the current trends of corporate clothing design. In addition, Alepa had a strong will to improve the occupational well-being and motivation of the personnel with the help of the new clothing. “Our personnel are very excited and have immediately taken the clothing to their hearts. The new clothing is perky in the Alepa way, comfortable and good-looking.”

Mari Vähävirta, Shop Manager
Alepa Kisahalli