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The hygiene of the working environment and workwear is especially important to the companies of the food processing industry. We take care of hygiene and safety requirements in all phases of our operations. We offer an extensive selection of workwear and personal protective equipment designed for the food processing industry. With the help of our mat and hygiene services, you ensure the cleanliness and comfort of the working environment as well as promoting occupational well-being.

We take into account the hygiene requirements of the food processing industry in all phases

We take into account the hygiene requirements of the food processing industry in all phases.


We take into account hygiene already at the design phase of workwear. With the help of workwear model and material selections, we make sure that no foreign matter is passed on to food. For example, usually clothing has no pockets above the waist line.


Our service centres follow the EU standard EN-SFS-14065 that ensures the required hygiene level throughout the maintenance process. All our personnel follow strict instructions with regard to clothing, personal hygiene and the prevention of infections.


In order to ensure efficient disinfection, our systems monitor the wash temperature, PH values and dosing of laundry chemicals. Regularly performed bacterial tests are also part of ensuring microbiological quality. We carry out hygiene tests on clothing to be sent out to our customers as random checks.

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Mondelez International

“Before, we had to often queue for clean workwear for a long time and the size was not always necessarily the right one. Now, our workwear waits for us in our own locker and, at the end of the shift, it is very convenient to put in the laundry box.”

Mohit Gupta,
Monedelez International


“Hygiene issues are highlighted in the food processing industry. The design of the Meira workwear included hidden buttons and the pockets were placed below the waist line. These solutions make sure that nothing inappropriate mixes in with the production process.”

Minna Hyrsky
Project Manager