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We at Lindström aim to actively develop our service culture to be even better. We have defined Lindström’s operating instructions for great service that help us to offer an incomparable service experience – both internally and externally.

The goals of Lindström’s service culture are:

  • The customer finds it easy to trust us.
  • Every customer contact is a positive one.
  • Customer relationships are continuously developed from the needs of customers.

One of the indicators indicating customer satisfaction and the quality of our operations is customer loyalty measured in every country where Lindström operates and it is at a very high level. In addition to this, we carry out customer satisfaction surveys regularly. Customer satisfaction has remained at a high level year after year.

Great service leads to long customer relationships

A long-term customer relationship is part of Lindström’s values. This value also strongly guides all our operations. In order to build long-term customer relationships, we aim to offer services that make the everyday life of customers easier, are reliable and cost-efficient as well as including controlled and high-quality customer service. We invest in the competence of our personnel. It is our vision that our personnel be known for the incomparable service they provide and are capable of building a true partnership with our customers.

In our opinion, true partnership requires:

  • Mutual trust
  • Continuous development of operations
  • Mutual business benefit

We listen to our customers

Mutual trust stems from joint understanding. We listen to our customers in order to understand the individual needs of every customer.

We anticipate customer needs

We aim to be pioneers in mapping customer needs. We develop our services to match the needs of our customers.


We develop our operations

We are continuously developing our services, the competence of our personnel and processes in order to be able to provide our customers with the best possible service expertise.