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Our services make the everyday life of our customers easier by offering solutions in the fields of cleanliness, protection, interior design, profiling and hygiene. Our customers get to focus on their core competence, our service experts take care of the rest.

We serve, among others, the following customers.

Read the stories behind our customers.

Linnanmäki Workwear

Linnanmäki Amusement Park

“For us, fun and stylishness as well as recognisability were the key criteria for the workwear. I think we have succeeded really well in this. I believe that our staff will take pride in the new workwear, and this will also be reflected in the customer service.”

Pia Adlivankin, Managing Director, Linnanmäki


Alepa is a visible part of the Helsinki cityscape, and the commission for new clothing reflected the current trends of corporate clothing design. In addition, Alepa had a strong will to improve the occupational well-being and motivation of the personnel with the help of the new clothing. “Our personnel are very excited and have immediately taken the clothing to their hearts. The new clothing is perky in the Alepa way, comfortable and good-looking.”

Mari Vähävirta, Shop Manager
Alepa Kisahalli 


"I do believe that wearing clothes with brand colours both give a uniform image of us to others and create team spirit among workers."

Ulla Raunama,
operational development manager
Diacor Occupational Health


“Hygiene issues are highlighted in the food processing industry. The design of the Meira workwear included hidden buttons and the pockets were placed below the waist line. These solutions make sure that nothing inappropriate mixes in with the production process.”

Minna Hyrsky
Project Manager

Mondelez International

“Before, we had to often queue for clean workwear for a long time and the size was not always necessarily the right one. Now, our workwear waits for us in our own locker and, at the end of the shift, it is very convenient to put in the laundry box.”

Mohit Gupta,
Monedelez International

Lindström teollisuuspyyhepalvelut tarjoaa Vippereitä ja imeytysmattoja teollisuusden ja kunnossapidon teollisen lian ja öljyjen pyyhintään ja imeytykseen


Raskone has focused all its textile acquisitions on Lindström whose solutions help it make workshops operate ecologically in clothing, mat and towel maintenance.

Explore how the collaboration between Lindström and Raskone works and what kind of service package the Raskone locations have.


Individual design mats designed jointly by Interior Designer Helena Karihtala and Lindström were selected for low-rise housing blocks Saalinki and Nautilus of As Oy Sipoonranta in order to highlight the desired look of the stair halls. The correct technical placement was carefully considered to stop dirt. “The mat service is effortless. The mats have worked well both technically and aesthetically in the facilities.”

Joel Karvinen, Property Manager
Taloyhtiöpalvelut – Onnistutaan Ky

Stockmann Herkku

“The development work of workwear is on-going; Stockmann and Lindström have organised surveys in co-operation and the results are used to make changes to the models, materials and operating methods. Lindström is also investing in the development of cost-efficiency. Regularly held chain-level control groups develop operations and make them more efficient."

Taina Vepsäläinen, Chief of Cleaning Services,
Stockmann, Department Store Group


A security guard often works in public. The workwear of a guard must be both functional and recognisable. Many things can happen in the line of work a guard does so the clothing materials have been selected to withstand washing at a high temperature. The workwear of Turvatiimi also has excellent breathing properties because the temperature of the work environment may vary. The collection of Turvatiimi has also been designed to be durable.

Explore the outfit the Turvatiimi personnel wear in daily work.


Veho Group Oy Ab and Lindström have collaborated for decades. The partnership covers almost all Group operations in Finland, and Veho has utilised extensively almost all services Lindström has to offer. Veho’s workwear must respond to the many special challenges of the automotive industry. A unified, tidy and functional work outfit is an essential part of what customers of the service and sales department experience when visiting the Veho showrooms.

Explore the extensive and continuous overall service that Veho uses!

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