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Caring for our customers

In 2015 we launched the new vision and strategy for Lindström. Hundreds of our employees from over 20 countries and from every part of the organization participated in the strategy work.

Our goal is to create value for our customers in everything we do; we want to take care of our customers, give them the best service and make them proud of working with us. Creating excellent customer experiences lies in the heart of all our operations.

Our strategic cornerstones

Lindström’s strategy is built on four cornerstones: engaged employees, operational excellence, excellent customer experience and growth.

Engaged Employees

We believe that happy employees equals happy customers. We embrace the joy of learning; we continuously develop our leaders and offer new learning opportunities to all our employees. Our goal is that our employees take pride in what they do and that they are empowered to make decisions in their daily work with the customers. Visit our career pages. 

Operational excellence

We focus only on doing things that create value for our customers. By being truly local, we know our customers’ business and help them to work at their full potential by ensuring that they get the service when and where they need it. Our service improves our customers’ comfort, safety and efficiency. Visit our service pages.

Excellent customer experience

We are curious about our customers’ business and daily life. We encourage people to innovate together with our customers at every level of the organization. We feel enthusiastic about new solutions which help our customers’ sustainable business growth. We aim to be one step ahead to foresee the future needs of our customers. Visit our customer reference pages.


We grow both organically and through acquisitions. By growing we’re able to provide services either in totally new countries, cities or through new service lines in our existing markets. We continuously develop our sales capabilities to meet the changing needs of our customers even better. Visit our company pages.