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Lindström’s service culture aims at satisfied personnel and incomparable service experience.

Service is a solid part of our culture – both internally and externally. Caring about you colleagues, doing things together and helping your colleagues is reflected in a good service experience for customers.  

Early in 2010, Lindström launched the ‘serving to be the best’ programme to produce incomparable service experience. As part of the programme we have played, among other things, the ‘At Your Service’ game promoting our internal service culture and have complimented our colleagues with electronic or traditional thank-you cards throughout the Group.

Read more about our internal international programmes below that promote doing things together and personal development at Lindström.



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In the ‘get to know what others do’ programme, you explore what others do, learn new things and create new friendships

The goal is to develop Lindström’s service culture and co-operation.

The ‘get to know what others do’ programme is literally 3–5 days of getting to know a similar position in another unit or other duties within the Group. The goal is to learn new things and improve the competence of personnel regarding the Group’s work duties and service chains.
The programme has solid support from the company’s top management. They too get to know other work duties in different parts of the organisation at least once a year.  The programme was launched in Finland in the spring of 2013.  It was launched in Lindström’s subsidiaries at the beginning of 2015.

Get to know what others do’ works

  • To help with career development
  • As a learning path: new ideas, new perspectives
  • In understanding and learning the different processes of the company, the significance of one’s own job and that of others grows stronger
  • To network

The ‘get to know what others do’ programme has resulted in several development projects, the sharing of best practices and the creation of new friendships during the first years. Trying new things brings excitement to daily life, which has been stated by almost 100 Lindström employees!


Thank&Tell: the ‘internal compliment to your colleague’ programme

Lindström employees thanked their colleagues thousands of times and there is no end to the culture of thanking.

The goal of the internal Thank&Tell campaign organised in the autumn of 2013 was to recognise good service situations, great service attitude and enthusiasm round the organisation and, naturally, to compliment, thank and tell on such occasions. During the campaign, Lindström employees thanked their colleagues thousands of times with either electronic or traditional thank-you cards. You can continue to Thank&Tell.


Tour de Lindström: virtual international exercise campaign

Across all Lindström countries with your own exercise performance and the support of your colleagues.

In autumn 2014, Lindström organised an international exercise campaign for the whole Group. The goal was to encourage all Lindström employees to increase the amount of everyday exercise and to highlight its beneficial impact on well-being and health. The goal was to walk across all Lindström countries, in total an impressive 30,320 km! The exercise activities were entered in the HeiaHeia! platform and the contribution of every Lindström employee took the company that much closer to the goal.

The success of the campaign was huge: we toured the Lindström countries 4.5 times with a final result of 140,700 km. Colleagues were encouraged over 3,200 times during the campaign.