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You can read from our personal stories what Lindström employees have to say about Lindström and their duties.

Essi Wallin, M.Sc. (Econ. and Bus. Adm.)
Team Leader, Global Corporates

When did you start at Lindström?
I started in May 2011 as Key Account Manager in Finland’s Key Accounts Team. In early 2012, I progressed to the Global Team and became Global Key Account Manager. In February 2015, I started as Team Leader in the Global Corporates Unit.

What do you like best about your work?
Versatility and working with customers mean the most to me. I like the fact that I have the freedom to develop my customer accounts. It is great to see you own handiwork in the results of development projects!

How does Lindström’s value ‘the joy of learning’ show in your daily life?
Every single day I learn something new because my days are not identical. Lindström is great at combining experience and new vision through different kinds of co-operation models. It is the perfect combination to develop operations!

What would you say about Lindström to people who do not know the company?
Lindström is a company worth getting to know. We have excellent values that are also implemented in daily life.

What kind of person would be a great fit for Lindström in your opinion?
If you are productive, positive and prepared to develop, it carries you a long way.



Supriya Shekhar
Area Sales Manager, India

Why did you apply to Lindström?

I have been with Lindström from the beginning when the company set up an office in Mumbai in 2010. I wanted to be involved in introducing the Workwear Services that are something completely unique in India.

What is the most inspiring thing in sales work in your opinion?
I am inspired by being able to meet people in different positions from different fields. You also learn very much in sales work.  I have worked with very different customers that operate, for example, in the pharmaceutical, food processing and automotive industry.

How would you describe Lindström as an employer?
At Lindström, I have always had the freedom to do things my own way. Here, employees are taken care of.

How do you see your own career development at Lindström?
At some point, I would like to see myself in a senior position. In order to achieve this, I have also worked at Lindström in other duties, such as customer account management and IT. I have also changed my location to Bangalore, which is a new learning experience for me. We are expanding quickly in India and elsewhere too. It would be great to work in some other Lindström country at some point.



Dan Stere, MBA
Vice President, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine

When did you start at Lindström and what is your background?

I started in November 2005. I was the first employee at Lindström in Romania. I have previously worked in sales in international companies, such as Pepsi and Colgate Palmolive. 

What appealed to you in Lindström?
The thing that appealed to me in Lindström was the business idea and the fact that the workwear service business is not as developed in Romania as it is in Western European countries.

Describe your typical day, or is there such a thing?
Every day is different. Business-related issues keep coming up and they need to be solved quickly. Analysing reports is also part of my work and I like it. Skype meetings with my colleagues and supervisors are also often part of my daily work. I also visit Lindström’s service centres that are my responsibility.

What do you like best about your work?
I like the fact that I can work with people, build teams and produce results. I find working with my foreign colleagues especially interesting because it opens new opportunities for me to learn new things and understand how daily operations are run in different cultures.

What kind of person would be a great fit for Lindström in your opinion?
If a person is enthusiastic, responsible and has an aptitude for customer service, he/she will fit nicely at Lindström.