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We have great workers who enjoy their work and are proud of their employer

According to our internal employer image survey carried out in the summer of 2014, over 80% indicated that they were proud to work for Lindström and approximately 80% would recommend us as an employer.

Reasons to be proud:


Growing, reliable and international employer


Strong brand


Interesting service selection


Responsible operations

We are also very proud of our values of profitable growth, long-term customer relationships, responsibility as well as enthusiasm and the joy of learning.

Here you can work in a company that is actually run based on those values and has remarkable growth potential in the future. It is our vision to operate in 25 countries by 2016. Our story is one of the true success of a Finnish family-owned business since 1848!

We invest in your career development. “Grow with us”: development in your own work or a jump into the boss’ boots

Lindström offers several development paths

Lindström’s Head of Recruitment and Career Development Kirsi Aropaltio shares how you can develop your own career and what kind of career paths are offered at Lindström.

What does “Grow with us” mean?

It is our Group-wide career development programme.

What constitutes a good career path?

It is virtually impossible to give one correct answer. Therefore, we offer several development paths For some, career and success equal the traditional progression to more responsible duties, but they can just as well refer to development in one’s own work without any desire to jump into the boss’ boots.

How is personnel development at its best?

Development is most fruitful when the needs of the personnel and business meet. We have recognised some duties in which we want our personnel to develop especially, for example, at the customer interface or business management. We describe these career paths are more precisely and invest actively in getting people to grow into such duties.

Share an example of how competence can be increased at Lindström.

We have several great career stories to share but learning can and must take place as part of daily life. For example, a good way of trying something new is to participate in our ‘get to know what others do’ programme where you get to explore the work of other Lindström employees. Almost 100 Lindström employees have already participated in the job exchange programme launched in Finland in 2013. During the week, you get a pretty good idea whether sales work is something you are into. In addition, understanding the work that others do is always useful, even if you discover that it is not for you personally.

You get to create your career in a responsible company

Responsibility is a vital part of our operations. It covers responsibility for finances, the environment and personnel. We invest in job satisfaction in many different ways because we believe that only satisfied personnel can guarantee an incomparable customer experience. Explore our responsible operations in more detail at our corporate social responsibility pages


Happy staff give the best service

Katso video: "happy staff give the best service"