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Trainee programme to launch your career

What is it?

The trainee programmes enable you to develop into a future top professional within your own competence area!

Lindström offers recent graduates and those finishing up their studies a trainee programme at regular intervals with the goal of training future internationally-oriented top professionals for our team. At the moment, trainee programmes are being organised in Finland, Russia, India and China.

Those selected for the trainee programme familiarise themselves with the company operations extensively. They work in and explore several different duties during the orientation period, ranging from textile maintenance to customer service, sales and expert duties. The period includes working in different locations and/or countries of operation. The development of the trainee is monitored regularly and appointed support persons, i.e. mentors, help them in different daily situations.

The next Management Trainee programme will begin in Finland in the autumn (the application period ended in February 2015). Check out our website for the schedule for future trainee programmes!